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The Spanish program for kids is 100% online with live classes. All the material is also digital, so you don´t have to pay anything extra for books or resources.

In order to offer an effective learning program.



Our methodology is based on neuroscience and education. In other words, what we apply in class are activities that, according to neuroscience, help us learn better. For example, the videogame effect, according to several studies, it has been proven that if the teacher manages to obtain the same adrenaline rush that we experience in a video game in class, what we learn will be stored in our long-term memory vs. short-term memory.
Also, our philosophy is that in each class there should be 30% input (teacher instruction) and 70% output (student production). This helps you to be practicing the language most of the time in class. In addition, we place a lot of emphasis on reading.



Once students complete the 8 levels they would have the opportunity to travel to Quito, Ecuador or Medellín, Colombia to practice the language in local Christian schools or churches. *An adult will need to travel with each student.


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